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  • Consistent Flow: Experience a reliable flow rate across various pressure conditions.
  • Self-Priming & Low Maintenance: This pump is self-priming for water and requires minimal maintenance. It operates smoothly with low vibration and pulsation characteristics.
  • Built-In Relief Valve: Equipped with an internal relief valve in a non-externally adjustable configuration.
  • Durable Brass Housing: The pump features a sturdy brass housing for lasting durability.
  • Easy Installation: With NPT 3/8" inlet and outlet connections, installation is a breeze.
  • High-Quality Elastomers: Constructed with EPDM/Nitrile elastomers for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Impressive Flowrate: Achieve a flow rate of 100 gallons per hour (300 liters per hour)*.
  • Wide Temperature Range: This pump is designed to handle fluid operating temperatures ranging from -4°F to 160°F (-20°C to 71°C).
  • Efficient: The maximum mechanical horsepower required is just 0.42 HP (313W)¹.
  • This is a clamp on pump with a V-band clamp.


*Flow rate rated at 1725 RPM/60Hz (GPH) and 1450 RPM/50Hz (LPH). ¹ Mechanical horsepower requirement is based on pump testing with water at room temperature and a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi (17.5 BAR).


Upgrade your pumping solutions with the ROTARY VANE PUMP SERIES 2-10597, offering consistent performance, durability, and ease of use.


SKU: 10597
  • Material - Brass

    Port Hole - NPT 3/8"

    Mounting Type - Clamp-On

    Drive Configuration - Slotted

    Flowrate (GPH) - 100GPH

    Flowrate (LPH) - 300LPH

    Elastomer - EPDM/Nitrile

    Seal Type - Non Balances Ceramic/Carbon

    Rotation - Clockwise

    Internal Component Material - Carbon

    Valve Type - Solid- Ultem

    ValveConfiguration - Standard-Non External adjust

    Product Weight - 2.1lb (0.95Kg)

    Operating Range

    Maximum Mechanical Power Requirement - 0.42hp (313W)

    Maximum Operating Pressure - 30psi

    Relief Valve Set Pressure Range - 30 to 59psi (2 to 4 BAR)

    Max Static Pressure PSI - 100psi

    Min Operation Fliud Temperature - -4°F

    Max Operation Fluid Temperature - 160°F

    Max Fluid Viscocity - 100cP

    Max Sound Level - 60dB(a)

    Max Discharge Pressure - 250psi

    MinSpeed - 1000RPM

    Max Speed - 2400RPM

    Dry Suction Lift - 3.3ft

    Wet Suction Lift - 6.6ft

    Fluid Acidity - 6pH

    Maximum Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - 5000ppm

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