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Introducing the Fluid-O-Tech PA801A Rotary Vane Pump, a robust and versatile solution designed to meet your fluid transfer needs with precision and reliability. This positive displacement rotary vane pump belongs to the PO 500-1000 series, offering exceptional performance and flexibility.


Key Features:


🌊 High Flow Rates: The Fluid-O-Tech PA801A delivers nominal flow rates ranging between 500 and 1000 l/h at 1450 rpm, ensuring efficient and consistent fluid transfer.


🌡️ Operational Flexibility: These vane pumps can also be operated at 1725 rpm, providing approximately 20% more capacity, with a maximum of 320 GPH, allowing you to adapt to varying requirements.


🚀 Internal Relief Valve: Equipped with an internal relief valve, this pump ensures operational efficiency and safety, protecting your system from overpressure.


🛡️ Durable Housing Options: Choose between brass or stainless steel housing based on your specific application requirements, providing durability and longevity.


🔩 Multiple Port Options: The Fluid-O-Tech PA801A is available with ½” GAS or NPT ports, offering versatility in installation.


🌡️ Wide Pressure Range: This pump offers a maximum discharge pressure of 230 psi (16 bar), making it suitable for a wide range of fluid transfer tasks.


🔧 Easy Mounting: The series directly mounts to widely available NEMA 48Y motors using a v-band clamp. It also accommodates M71, M80 IEC, and NEMA 56C motors with an adapter and relevant coupling.




Flowrate: 500-1000 l/h at 1450 rpm (Up to 320 GPH at 1725 rpm)
Maximum Discharge Pressure: 230 psi (16 bar)
Port Options: ½” GAS or NPT
Mounting Options: NEMA 48Y, M71, M80 IEC, NEMA 56C motors


This Fluid-O-Tech rotary vane pump is engineered to handle a wide range of fluids, ensuring reliability and precision in fluid transfer applications. Whether you're working with water, oils, or other compatible fluids, this pump is a dependable choice.


Designed for easy installation and long-lasting performance, the Fluid-O-Tech PA801A Rotary Vane Pump is your trusted partner for fluid transfer tasks. Choose quality and adaptability for your fluid handling needs. Order yours today and experience superior performance!

Fluid-O-Tech PA801A

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