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The PA300FA series positive displacement rotary vane pumps are available with brass or stainless steel housings with 3/8” GAS or NPT ports and internal relief valve. The nominal flow rates range between 70 and 400 l/h at 1450 rpm. Any vane pump of this series may be operated at 1725 rpm as well and will provide about 20% more capacity, with a maximum of 530 l/h. Maximum discharge pressure is 16 bar (230 psi). This series mounts directly to NEMA 48Y motors by means of a v-band clamp and to M71, M80 IEC and NEMA 56C motors by means of an adapter and relevant coupling.


  • Self priming
  • Quiet operation
  • Pulsation free flow
  • Internal relief valve available
  • Long service life
  • NFS and WRAS listed

Fluid-O-Tech PA300FA

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