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Fluid-O-Tech's Exceptional Solutions, Exclusively Distributed in Canada by R.D Strickland Inc

In the world of fluid handling, precision and reliability are paramount. When it comes to meeting these demands, rotary vane pumps have emerged as the cornerstone of the beverage industry. Offering an impressive combination of pressure and suction capabilities along with a wide range of flow rates, rotary vane pumps deliver not only exceptional performance but also a highly cost-effective solution.

Fluid-O-Tech's Rotary Vane Pumps:

Fluid-O-Tech stands at the forefront of providing an extensive selection of rotary vane pumps, available with mechanical seals or a magnetic drive interface. These pumps come in stainless steel, low-lead brass, and PPS technopolymer variants, finding applications across a diverse spectrum of industries. What's remarkable about our PPS technopolymer pumps is their ability to deliver equal performance to their metal counterparts while being significantly lighter in weight and boasting excellent mechanical properties.

The TMFR Drive Advantage:

For those seeking the pinnacle of control and efficiency, Fluid-O-Tech's rotary vane pumps feature the TMFR drive, seamlessly integrated into the system. This innovative drive not only ensures compact performance but also eliminates motor wear concerns, delivering longevity and consistency.

PPS Vane Pumps: Superior Properties:

Our PPS vane pumps are engineered with an advanced material known as Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS). This organic polymer and engineering thermoplastic confer a host of advantages, including:

Resistance to chemical and corrosive substances.

Durability under high temperatures and humidity.

Protection against shocks and damages.

As a result, PPS vane pumps are often employed to coat metal surfaces or even replace them in applications spanning various industrial fields.

The Benefits of PPS Vane Pumps:

Fluid-O-Tech's PPS vane pumps not only deliver similar performance and results as traditional rotary vane pumps but also provide the following advantages:

Self-priming capability.

Quiet operation for a seamless working environment.

Pulsation-free flow for precision handling.

Internal relief valve options for added control.

Extended service life, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

NSF and WRAS listings, attesting to their quality and suitability for various applications.

Exclusive Canadian Distribution by R.D Strickland Inc:

We're proud to announce that R.D Strickland Inc is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Fluid-O-Tech products. As a trusted name in the industry, R.D Strickland Inc ensures that you have direct access to these exceptional pump solutions, eliminating the need to go through intermediaries who mark up prices.

In conclusion, Fluid-O-Tech's rotary vane pumps and PPS vane pumps are leading the way in delivering precision, durability, and efficiency across industries. Whether it's the beverage industry or a broader industrial landscape, our pumps are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

For more information or inquiries about our pump solutions, please don't hesitate to reach out to R.D Strickland Inc. At Fluid-O-Tech, we're committed to excellence in fluid handling.

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