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Series 2 Rotary Vane Pump

The Procon 102A100F11XX Pump is a brass rotary vane pump from the Procon 2 Series. This positive displacement model pump is designed to operate virtually maintenance-free. It has 3/8" NPT inlet and discharge ports, with a maximum flow rate of 100 GPH.

This Series 2 rotary vane pump has low-vibration operation and self-priming capabilities. It is ideal for tire cleaner, presoak, spot-free RO water, and foam brush. Features clamp on mounting with .188" double flat drive.

Dimensions: 3.56" x 3.49" x 3.86"


  • Rotary vane, positive displacement design
  • Non-food grade (1.5% maximum lead) - no agency approval
  • Clamp-on mounting with .188" double flat drive.
  • 100 GPH
  • No set pressure range, no relief valve
  • Fluorocarbon elastomer seals
  • Plastic high temperature bypass valve
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Standard clearances
  • 1725 RPM nominal speed
  • 6' maximum lift self priming
  • Inlet: 3/8" NPT
  • Outlet: 3/8" NPT



  • Self priming
  • Maintenance free
  • Low vibration and pulsation characteristics



  • Circulation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Solar applications
  • Carbonation
  • Pesticide Systems


SKU: 102L100F11XX
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