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Streamlining Your Pump Configuration Selection.


At R.D Strickland, we understand that finding the perfect pump configuration can be a complex task. To simplify this process and assist you in selecting the ideal pump for your specific needs, we proudly present the Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart.

The Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart is a comprehensive flow chart that serves as your roadmap to determine the precise pump configuration required for your application. By following a series of clear and concise steps, this chart will guide you through a systematic evaluation of your requirements, ensuring an accurate and tailored pump selection.


To initiate this process, we encourage you to engage in a discussion with our expert team. By understanding the unique details of your application, we can provide personalized recommendations and address any specific concerns you may have. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to assisting you in finding the optimal pump solution that maximizes efficiency and performance.


The Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart encompasses a wide range of considerations, including flow rate, pressure requirements, fluid compatibility, environmental factors, and more. By taking these crucial parameters into account, we ensure that your pump configuration not only meets your immediate needs but also provides long-term reliability.

Our goal is to simplify your decision-making process while empowering you with the information necessary to make an informed choice. The Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart serves as a visual aid, presenting a logical progression of questions and options that narrow down the available pump configurations to those best suited for your application.


Rest assured that the Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart is backed by our commitment to excellence and quality. Each pump configuration offered is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, delivering exceptional performance and durability.


By utilizing the Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart, you gain access to a streamlined approach for determining the perfect pump configuration. Our team is eager to collaborate with you, ensuring that your pump needs are fully understood and that the selected configuration aligns precisely with your requirements.


Make the most of your pump selection process with the Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart, and discover the optimal pump configuration that will exceed your expectations in terms of efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Fluid-O-Tech Part Number Matrix Chart

SKU: FOT Matrix
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